My quest writing the first sentence

I hate the first sentence in my blog. It takes me more time to 

I think then write then erase. I write then erase

The most important sentence in any article is the first sentence. It is the one sentence that determines the  One sentence that determines the w the life of an article. The first sentence always causes me a headache. I spend m Sometimes, I spend more time on trying to come up with the perfect sentence than the time I spend writing my post.  a post. I hate the first sentence I am even dedicating this whole post for it. complaining about it. ranting about it. Many times, I think of an excellent topic for a post but it ends up in my drafts folder because I couldn’t figure out what the first sentence should be. I have more than 200 drafts because of the stupid first sentence. I am not sure what type of article I am writing now. It doesn’t have content and a closing statement. It only has an opening and a very bad one indeed. A very bad one indeed. I am just ranting here. about the stupid first stamtenet Sorry for wasting your time. But I have to say it is your fault, once you didn’t like the first sentence you shouldn’t continue reading. Anyway, thanks for suppor your patient trying to figure out what I am up to. I am just an amateur writer trying to come up with a good first sentence just barely good sentence.


6 thoughts on “My quest writing the first sentence

  1. You see now….if I’m a mind reader I would figure out what do u exactly want from this post 😀 looool

    Just kidding… for me my problem with choosing the address of the post :$

  2. That was a pretty funny rant ! wish all complaints are like this one.. Anyways, you are right, the introduction is key..With the first sentence, you either captivate the reader and compel him to continue or poof , he’s gone.. but again, we can be wrong! We were curious to read this post to the end although it did not follow any rules.. So, can you read minds??? 🙂

  3. I remember in speech class, we were taught how important the introduction was for similar reasons. Our teacher told us to wait until last to figure it out because it’s hard to introduce something until you have the body of your speech prepared.

    Or maybe it was our grammar teacher who taught us this about our papers. Maybe it was both.

    Anyway, I hate you have so many drafts waiting because you can’t figure out the first sentence! Maybe share a quote, ask a question, tell a story – those are all things we were told grab people’s attention. I’m usually compelled to read your posts regardless … 🙂

    1. Because there are so many scientific papers published these days researchers are very careful when they write the abstract. Some conferences even ask authors to send them the abstract only and they decide whether to accept the paper or not based on the abstract.
      In academia they say “publish or perish.” Luckily for me, I have few good scientific published papers but I am trying to excel in the blog-o-sphere as well. I like to interact with readers.

      Yes, I exaggerated a little bit about my drafts. I do actually have more than 200 drafts but the reason they are sleeping there is not just because I am trying to come up with a good opening. Each has a reason for being hidden there. Some posts I need guts to publish because they either talk about taboos in culture or academia. Others I am just lazy to finish writing. Also, some of these drafts are just an idea of a subject.

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