When it is called terrorism?

Recently, Muslims around the world have been noticing the double standard of the Western media when it comes to describing a person committing an act of terror. Basically, when a man kills people he is a terrorist if he is a Muslim and a madman or the act is described as a domestic violence if he is not a Muslim. Here are some examples:

  • Pilot Crashes Into Texas Building in Apparent Anti-IRS Suicide – Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo said the incident was a single act by a sole individual, who appeared to be targeting the federal building. He refused to classify it as terrorism. [Source]
  • Loughner pleads guilty to 19 counts in Tucson, Arizona, mass shooting – Prosecutors agreed to a plea deal — and not to seek the death penalty — after taking into account Loughner’s history of mental illness and the views of victims and their families. [Source]
  • 85 killed in youth camp shooting, 7 in Oslo blast – Reports that the assailant was motivated by political ideology were shocking to many Norwegians, who pride themselves on the openness of their society… Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II wrote to Norway’s King Harald to offer her condolences and express her shock and sadness at the shooting attacks in his country… A US counterterrorism official said the United States knew of no links to terrorist groups and early indications were the attack was domestic. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation was being handled by Norway. [Source]

So, here it is. The white man might have a different political ideology, or acts by himself, or has a mental issues, or might be affected by the violence he sees on video games but he can’t be a terrorist. Meanwhile, people caught planing an attack are called terrorists even if they acted by themselves.

Anyway, yesterday I watched a Swedish TV Show on Netflix. The show is called “Henning Mankell’s Wallander.” For the American readers Roger Ebert says “Here is one of the year’s best and most provocative thrillers and maybe it says something that it’s a 91-minute installment of a Swedish TV series.” [Source]

Spoiler Alert about the first episode only: Don’t continue if you are going to watch the show.

Each episode is 90 minutes long. In the first episode, a small city is preparing to host an international art exhibit on the prophet Muhammad. Meanwhile, Muslim demonstrators have been holding daily protests and the town is affected by a blackout, killing of the museum director along with other people, five car explosions and taking a Minister as a hostage.

The main suspects behind the chaos were Muslims of course but we find out that no Muslim was involved in these episodes of terror. So far this wasn’t my surprise. My surprise was the following observation made by one of the detectives:

Detective1: [reading the newspaper] Madman who took the Minister hostage is a former soldier. He is thought to be behind the recent chaos in Ystad.
Detective2: So it’s chaos now, eh? Not terror anymore.


16 thoughts on “When it is called terrorism?

  1. The double standard doesn’t just apply to Muslims. The difference between how white criminals are covered vs. POC’s is insane. And when a missing person case happens? The play it gets if the person is white is far greater than if they aren’t, even when it’s a child missing.

    1. Yes, the Missing white woman syndrome.

      The Media loves beautiful criminals (or suspects), Casey Anthony and Amanda Knox. For more than two years CNN covered the disappearance of beautiful Natalee Holloway. I will never understand their obsession. It was crazy. That former prosecutor who had or still have a show on CNN used to talk about Casey Anthony every day. I mean every single day. And that was only after she exhausted everything she can talk about on Holloway.

      I read once that after DNA is now being used to investigate some old cases. There were some cases of black men spent in jail for 20 years more or less and found innocent. Shouldn’t these men get a chance to write their story and earn some money instead of party girls like Anthony and Knox who are going to earn millions after writing their stories.

      1. There were some cases of black men spent in jail for 20 years more or less and found innocent.

        Oh yes. From what I read, non-white men (and women) have a higher chance of being arrested, a higher percentage of them are convicted and their sentences tend to be longer than those of whites convicted of the same crimes. I did a post once on the death penalty and one of the things I looked at was the statistics for executions in Florida. There are two lists, one for 1924 – 1964 executions and then one for 1976 – present because Florida stopped and then reinstated the death penalty. If you look at the 1976 – present list the percentage is about 34% of the people executed were non-white and we’ve only executed 73 people since 1976. The list from 1924-1964 is just…67% of the men executed in Florida in those years were African American men. And we executed 196 people.

        Also, Nancy Grace is the woman with the crime talk show. She is the most obnoxious person I have ever had to listen to. Our newsroom played her show while we were all watching the Casey Anthony trial. Ugh. A perfect example of someone getting away with murder, in part (I firmly believe) because of her race. You can bet that if she’d been African American or Middle Eastern or Hispanic that she’d been in prison right now.

        1. Yes, Nancy Grace. I tried to remember her name but couldn’t. I am glad someone else finds her obnoxious as well.

          The statistics of execution in Florida have changed a lot. The difference in percentage is huge.

          I am not sure when exactly it was but some politicians wanted to profile people at airports. To tell you the truth as a Muslim and a foreigner I don’t mind it if Americans believe profiling would make America safer. But I think some more culturally open politicians told the those politicians such thing can’t be done because Muslims are not the same race. It would be difficult to determine whether a white big man with a white or blond beard is a religious Muslim or a Harley-Davidson Biker 🙂

          1. I don’t think that profiling would make anyone feel safer, actually. Aside from being wrong to single someone out based on their race or religion, all it does when white Americans see people who ‘look’ Muslim or have the right skin color to be profiled as Muslim pulled aside and given extra security checks is reinforce their notion that the ‘other’ is dangerous.

  2. TV talk shows are full of obnoxious people, be it hosts or participants. This is tabloid TV at its worst but that is what the ignorant masses want. These are the latter days when the ignorant and obnoxious will rise to prominence and con men and women will rule. Lord have mercy!!!

  3. Terrorism concerns using violence to further a political or religious cause, not the random acts of lunatics or the disgruntled. I suggest you study the definition and stop cherry-picking articles to further your cause.

    1. The definition of ‘terrorism’ from dictionary.com:
      1. the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.

      I think all three of the cases that Malik cites fall under this definition.

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