Should worship places be protected by video surveillance?

Back in August 2012, the only mosque in Joplin, MO was burned to the ground. It was the second attempt within a month. After that incident, the Muslim community here was afraid something bad would happen to our mosque as well. So, the Mosque’s management bought $5,000 high quality cameras for security.

Since September 11 many Mosques experienced some sort of vandalism. Unfortunately, there were even some cases in which residents of some small cities refused to give permission to build a mosque.
Although haters in any religion are always minorities their effect is very devastating.


10 thoughts on “Should worship places be protected by video surveillance?

  1. It always saddens me when I read of churches being destroyed in Muslim countries so I can understand your sadness as well. I wish people would be respectful of others’ property and places of worship and leave it alone!

    1. Especially when a child asks the purpose behind these cameras and the parent answer in anger instead of logic. You can see how this might affect children if the parent didn’t answer wisely or lie that these cameras are just against theft.

  2. Unfortunately, it is necessary, and it wise to have a sign signalling it–as a deterrent.

    After a number of incidences in various places in the US and Canada, Jewish schools, places of worship, and community centres have taken precautions, like locking all exits except one, and that is manned by a security guard in full uniform.

    There is far too much violence against Muslims, or those mistaken for Muslims, in North America not to take this and other precautions.

  3. I agree with you that there are too many violence against Muslims in North America, but maybe because some of these people feel they want to defend their religion from Muslims who attach Churches full of worshippers as in Nigeria.
    I am not trying to give excuses of course but something is not right. I am not the one who keeps saying “Islam means peace.” I actually against this translation because it doesn’t make sense to me. True Muslims believe that Islam is for all humankind and so we should approach non-Muslims with the good word and good treatment to others.

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