Election Day in America

Here are some interesting pictures of the election day in America, 2012.

All pictures are from bigpicture.

Some people went very early in the morning to cast their vote. 

Voters wait for the polling station to open to cast their ballots on Election Day, Nov. 6, outside the May Town Hall in May Township, Minn. (Jim Gehrz/Jim Gehrz via Associated Press)

Others were very excited and full of joy even before they know the result.

A three picture combo shows Nina Bush reacting as she casts her ballot on an electronic voting machine at a polling site in the Toledo Police Museum. Bush stated that she was happy that she was able to cast her vote, believing she had done ‘a good thing’ by voting in the presidential election. (Jeff Kowalsky/European Pressphoto Agency)

New Yorkers were very determined to cast their vote even after the catastrophic hurricane Sandy.

A poll worker assists voters with the help of a flashlight in a makeshift tent set up as a polling place at Scholars’ Academy, PS 180, in the Rockaway neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City. Many voters in New York City and New Jersey are voting at alternate locations in the presidential election due to disruption from superstorm Sandy. (Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Voting shouldn’t stop one’s daily activities.

Mike Wigart, 30, picks up his ballot at a polling station in the garage of the Los Angeles County lifeguard headquarters in Los Angeles, Calif. Californians cast ballots in dozens of tight races including Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax plan, abolishing the death penalty, easing the state’s strict “three strikes” sentencing law and also in the presidential race between Democratic President Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney. (Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Children are taught about the election at a young age.

Kenady Pettingill, 12, and friends urge drivers to vote for Mitt Romney in Spanish Springs, Nev. (Max Whittaker/Getty Images)

Sometimes the queue is very long and in some cities the weather can be very cold in November. But some consider voting a patriotic duty. 

William Wright, left, and India Johnson, both freshmen at Old Dominion University, wait in line to vote at Larchmont Elementary School in Norfolk, Va. Wright and Johnson, both 18 and from Richmond, were excited to cast their first votes in the presidential election. (Amanda Lucier/The Virginian-Pilot via Associated Press)

Those who have hope for a better future cast their vote.

Voters wait in line at the Bobby Miller Activity Center in Tuscaloosa, Ala. (Dusty Compton/Tuscaloosa News via Associated Press)

Some parents take their children with them when casting their vote to teach them about the process.

Jennifer Shiberou, right, votes with her children, from left, Sophie Pauti, 10, Yakube Pauti, 16, Samuel Shiberou, 7, and Addis Shiberou, 4, at the Trinity United Methodist Church on Election Day, in Memphis, Tenn. (Mark Weber/The Commercial Appeal via Associated Press)


10 thoughts on “Election Day in America

  1. Isn’t great !! Millions of people voted and no one died, no gun shots in the air and no tires burning….. wonderful.. I dream of the same to our part of the world and especially to my home: Lebanon..I can only hope we change in my lifetime..!

    1. Except for this incident yes it was a great show of self control and patriotism.

      I hear you. Hopefully one day our part of the world can find peace and live in harmony.
      You have no idea how much I like to visit Lebanon. I used to go Syria every summer and always wanted to go to Lebanon from there but Jordanians at that time had to have a visa. I hear now they don’t need to.

  2. lool.. yes I read this story this morning on yahoo and couldn’t help but laugh !
    well, you should visit Lebanon.. it will be an experience you can never forget: You will either have the most fun and plan a future vacation in Beirut or you’ll pack your things, run and never look back.. lool I am just kidding.. but from experience anything can happen!
    Inshallah, now that you don’t need a visa you should go..Best time for a vacation is April/May or Sept/Oct, the weather is great in these months and the humidity is low. Actually, I plan my trips mostly in May to have a break from Florida weather !

  3. Fun! I think the guy with the surfboard is my favorite, although the overly excited woman in the second picture is pretty neat too.

    I wonder if the laws are different from state to state though…down here no one is allowed to take pictures inside or outside of a polling location, even for a newspaper article. I thought that was a federal law, but maybe not?

    1. It is strange that not even the media are allowed to take photos inside or outside polling locations. So, being always late in counting votes is not the only unique thing about election and Florida 🙂

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