Picture America: Autumn



5 thoughts on “Picture America: Autumn

  1. Wow, such beautiful pictures! I especially love the first ones – the yellow leaves and bright blue sky, and the contrast of the last ones with the red berries. Of course I love the rows of trees, too. I love nature!

  2. One thing I do wish Florida had was the leaves turning colors like this in the Fall. It’s not worth sacrificing myself to snow, but it’s very very pretty to look at!

    That tree up top is almost neon yellow! And the berries in the last couple of pictures are lovely!

    1. I found that not many Americans hate snow like myself. But the Americans I know are born in the Midwest so I can’t generalize of course 🙂
      My professional life (i.e., when I finish my PhD) is going to be somewhere warm. Cold weather makes me feel blue.

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