My Nomination For The Expat Blog Awards & A Request For Your Support

The awesome blogger Chiara emailed me suggesting that my blog would be a good addition to

I wasn’t aware of this site before but thanks to Chiara my blog is listed now. But this is not all. I received the email below from the website management:

Firstly, fantastic to meet you! Many thanks for your suggestion. As you may know, we’re compiling a collection of the very best expat blogs on our site and on reviewing your expat blog we agree it’s worthy of nomination for the Expat Blog Awards 2012! Your listing can be found here:

The Expat Blog Awards 2012 which will be decided late December, where a Gold, Silver and Bronze award will be given for each country. One main judging criteria will be based on reviews left on your listing, and so it’s a good idea to get some of your regular readers to leave a quick note for you.

How cool is that! So, please go ahead click on the badge and leave a feedback. My blog is listed in USA category. So, the competition is tough. I am counting on you. For my silent readers who usually read my posts without leaving a comment it is your time now to shine and show your support 🙂

USA expat blogs</a>


8 thoughts on “My Nomination For The Expat Blog Awards & A Request For Your Support

  1. Thank you for your kind words, and congratulations!
    I left my comment and vote on your expat link.
    I hope many others do as well, so that more congratulations will be in order!

    1. No, thank YOU!
      I am very grateful for your comments, emails and introducing me to more lovely people. I knew Susanne via your blog and this is something 🙂

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