Beauty is not eternal

Do you remember the beautiful golden color tree most of you liked in a previous post?
It was so beautiful, wasn’t it?
Here it is again. But scroll down and see how it looks now.



Lessons Learned:

  1. Nothing last forever.
  2. When you lose something there is hope to get it back.
  3. You can’t be on top all your life. You get some and you lose some.
  4. Don’t under estimate an ugly tree.
  5. It may take months to judge something. Your first impression may not be the right one.
  6. You have to change to adapt in a new environment.

What other lessons you can think of when you see how this beautiful tree had changed?


11 thoughts on “Beauty is not eternal

  1. I used to have a fascination on trees during the fall season and most of my drawings were of trees in autumn.. they let go all of their leaves to embrace winter.. but then start again stronger than before in spring 🙂

    Change or letting go may sound an ugly thought at first but it usually makes us stronger and more beautiful than before

    1. Few are those how value the importance of letting go. I let go something after five years and I have never been happier. Letting something go after all that time was the hardest decision I have ever taken but it was worth the risk. I regained my life back.

    1. I agree. One way to put it is to never tie your destiny with something you expect to happen. How many times we have heard people say I will do this when that happens. And we all know that think might take forever to happen or may never happen.

  2. Outer beauty often fades. It’s what is on the inside that counts. In the case of the tree, the inside does something to make the outside beautiful again.

    I like the lessons you learned from the tree. And I love the hope that we have that the trees will be pretty again after the “death” or rest of winter when life returns in full force. This is why I love spring!

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