Jordan as seen by an American. Beautiful pictures!

Totally JOrganic

Anyone who’s been watching the news knows that it’s been a rocky few weeks in the Middle East.  We’ve been laying low and enjoying life on campus. However, yesterday, the sun was shining, things seemed calm, and we felt like exploring. So, we jumped in the car and drove about 20 minutes to Moses’ Spring at Mount Nebo. In case that didn’t sink in, I’ll write it again. We drove 20 minutes to Moses’ Spring, where it is said that, “in need of water, Prophet Moses struck a rock with his staff and 12 springs emerged.” Did I mention that it was only a 20 minute drive??

Like the drive to the Dead Sea (actually, it was the same road), the scenery was amazing. The views are breathtaking.

I didn’t get any pictures of the winding road to the spring because I was too busy telling Lyman to keep…

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