Drawing your dream

When I was in my early and mid-twenties I used to tell my friends in Malaysia that I want to do my PhD in UK. I also used to mention, a lot, that my dream car is a Jaguar. And I guess I may have mentioned that I am going to get married after finishing my Master and going back to Jordan. My friends also know that I like beaches and my dream house would be close to the coast.

While looking for some documents recently I found the drawing below. My lab mate in Malaysia drew it for me as a goodbye gift before leaving to for Jordan. I think she knew exactly what my dream was at that time.

“The Dream of Malik Tubaishat.” I used to have a mustache.
Master in Computer Science from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). USM is located in Penang Island. Yes, I lived three years on an island.
“He found friends of his interest.” Our lab used to have video game tournaments, daily. It was a fun lab.
My Malaysian-Chinese friends, from left to right Myself, Jason (lives in Singapore) and Eunice who drew this (She lives in the UK). Pokémon was a top game that time.
After Malaysia, getting married in Jordan then heading to England for my PhD.
Finally, a Jaguar and a big beautiful house on the coast was supposed to complete my dream.

What I still didn’t mention is that this dream was supposed to be accomplished by 40. I am 39 now. I achieved nothing from this dream, yet. But I found a treasure that is worth more than anything in this dream. I found true friends. Indeed, you can’t put a price on friendship.

We dream about materialistic things all the time but instead we should only hope to be loved. We can live without materialistic things but not without love. Seek to love and be loved by your spouse, children, parents, brothers, sisters and friends. Love will indeed achieve happiness.

On a side note, I am stopping at Heathrow Airport in London for seven hours. So, hooray, after all  I am visiting the UK.


12 thoughts on “Drawing your dream

  1. How cute! I love this, and I really appreciate the message at the end. I’m glad you will be stopping in the UK. We were supposed to go straight from Charlotte to Munch back in August, but our first flight from Raleigh to Charlotte wasn’t happening due to plane troubles and we would miss our flight leaving Charlotte. So a really helpful lady got us a flight from Raleigh to Heathrow and then to Munich. So I went to England this year and hadn’t even planned to! 🙂

    When are you leaving?

    1. Yes, I am very excited for stopping in the UK. My friends though told me how expensive it is to eat at the airport. A $5 sandwich at American airports cost $15 at Heatrhow. I think I am taking lots of snacks with me. I am not buying a $15 sandwich. Europe is too expensive!

        1. Sorry, I forgot to answer your question.
          I am leaving next Monday, December 10th.
          Hopefully, I will be posting pictures and other stuff on Facebook and on my blog.

  2. Lovely 🙂
    Memories are priceless, really the r.

    Jaguar was my dream car until I was 15 I guess, then I dropped the whole notion of cars! I`m willing to walk endlessly, just don`t put me behind the wheels!

    Beach, NO WAY 😀

    Welcome to UK (3a asas ana sort min ahl l balad)

    They used to tell me Heathrow is a city, In Sep. I saw why 🙂
    Enjoy the mini-PhD – London-style 😉

    Who needs friends, just materialistic me plz (on a 2nd, more realistic thought) 😉

    1. It depends where you drive. I hate driving in traffic or of course in Jordan.
      But when the roads are wide and surrounded with beautiful sceneries then I like driving.

  3. أحلامنا تتقاطع عند الجاغور
    وإزا في نية موستانج,, بكون ألطف

    الله يفرجها عليك ويعطيك كل ما تتمنى صديقي 🙂

    1. الموستانج هون سيارة طلاب الجامعه المفضله. حسب ما بسمع اللي عنده سياره موستانج بزبط حالو مع الشقراوات :)ـ
      انا سيارتي هوندا موديل 1992 مزبط حالي مع حالي :)ـ
      شكرا الك والله ييسرها ويفرجها علينا جميعا بإذنه تعالى

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