A glimpse inside my head while I watch the News

The beautiful Al Jazeera’s female anchor broadcasted some disturbing footage of the war on civilians in Syria. With her husky voice she announced the number of injured civilians and people killed today.

I tell myself her voice is so sexy and captivating. Meanwhile, a Syrian mother on TV, sitting on a 2-inch mattress with her child on her lap cries “no water, no food, no medicine….”

The crying voice of the woman fades away while I look at the wall clock. I still have some time, I tell myself.

Suddenly, the news now is about Egypt. I don’t care about what is going on there. It seems Arabs are more interested in Egypt’s new constitution than the thousands of children being massacred in Syria.

I went back to my laptop checking what my Facebook friends are up to. Again, I looked at the clock at the bottom of the laptop’s screen to check how much time left before I prepare for my trip. I and some friends are going to the park for a BBQ. The weather is so nice and sunny today.

More interesting news, than Egypt’s, is shown on TV, another distressed Arab mother this time from a refugee camp in Gaza. Her family only resource of income is from the UNRWA since the husband can’t get a job under this unlawful siege. The siege on Gaza has been in place for a couple of years the anchorman narrated.

Who is this old male anchor. Where did the sexy female anchor go? I wondered this important question in my head while admiring the woman’s decision to wear glasses. The glasses complete her great look.

The news is from Pakistan now. A well-dressed European young man is talking in front of journalists about the war on terrorism. I like his suit, those Europeans know how to wear suits. I really should start losing weight. My brain wandered to what I should do to lose weight.

My wandering halted when I heard the European man talk about terror and Muslims. I nodded my head in dismay and questioned the Westerners’ intention of the war on terrorism. How come the siege on Gaza and the war criminals in Syria are not considered terrorism, a question came up in my head.

I looked at the wall clock. It is time to leave. I hibernated my laptop, turned off the TV and went to prepare for my BBQ trip. I needed to have a break after my hectic week of working in a very safe and temperature controlled room. At the same time, I cleared off all these horrible images and news from my head. I have my own problems to worry about, I tell myself. America should do something  to put an end to these tragedies, I exclaimed.

What is the purpose of the news if we don’t respond or react to it?


7 thoughts on “A glimpse inside my head while I watch the News

  1. From the Hadeeth of Mohammad (pbuh)… “Verily the children of Israel were separated into 72 tribes, and mine will be divided into 73; every one of them will perish except one class.” The companions said “Which is that one?” He said, “The Religion which is professed by me and my friends.”

  2. America, huh? What about the 1.5 billion Muslims in the world? I’m tired of America being blamed for everything and then being yelled at to fix every tragedy. Doesn’t your faith have the answers and the rest of us are walking in darkness because we don’t follow Islam? Why are you waiting for a predominantly Christian nation to do something? Why aren’t Muslims the leaders for goodness and change in the world since you all are the true believers? Why pass the buck?

    (This is a glimpse inside my head. I hope you don’t mind my honesty.)

    Another great post!

  3. I was being sarcastic of Muslims’ blaming others without doing anything. It is always easier to blame others.
    I like when people speak their mind with honesty. Thank you!

  4. I can swear I wrote a comment here! Hmmmmmm *sheeshany definitely getting old* I was surprised I haven`t been getting any notifications for comments!
    ” I cleared off all these horrible images and news from my head” <=== plz school me,, HOW! 😀

    1. Maybe you are getting old 🙂
      It is not easy to not think of the people of Syria all the time, I have seen many Syrians here in Irbid. Their stories are are not something easy to forget.

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