From America to Jordan

Last Monday December 10th, 2012 I left Columbia, Missouri. I arrived Jordan on Wednesday, December 12th, 2012. It was a very long trip, it took more than 24 hours.

1. From Columbia, Missouri to Kansas City airport (MCI): 2 hours

2. At MCI: 2 hours

Preparing to take off on American Airlines
Preparing to take off on American Airlines
A view of Kansas
A view of Kansas

3. From MCI to Chicago O’Hare airport: 1:30 hours

Approaching Chicago
Approaching Chicago
Chicago O'Hare Airport
Chicago O’Hare Airport

4. At O’Hare: 3 hours

5. From O’Hare to London Heathrow airport: 8 hours

6. At Heatrhow: 7 hours

DSCF2385 DSCF2371 DSCF2373
DSCF2377 DSCF2382 DSCF2383
IMG_1236 IMG_1237

In America some airports have a Chapel which can also be used as a multi-faith prayer room.

Unlike chapels found in the USA this room is not designed to look like a church from the inside. There are many prayer rugs and the direction of Mecca can easily be located in the room

Muslim women can pray out of sight of strange men if they wish to

London Heathrow Airport is by far the best airport I have seen. So beautiful!

7. From Heathrow to Amman airport: 6 hours

Arriving Amman at 4:30 am (8:30 pm Central time). Trip time: 28 hours.

8. From Amman to Irbid: 1:30 hours

Buying breakfast at 5:45 am
Buying breakfast at 5:45 am

16 thoughts on “From America to Jordan

  1. Wow, what a trip! I love the last photo as it shows such a different world. My longest trip was traveling to Damascus, but we traveled from Raleigh to Chicago to Istanbul (where we had a 12 hour layover) and then to Damascus.

    I didn’t get a chance to explore Heathrow like you did. We only had about an hour or so before our flight, and we had to figure out some things since we were not scheduled initially to go through London. Thanks for the getting-there tour.

  2. in the old days, one could fly British Caledonian Airlines direct from St Louis MO to London thus skipping Chicago or New York as an additional stop which reduced travel time to Jordan considerably. British Caledonian was bought by another airline and stopped flying direct to London from St Louis but by that time I was done with Mizzou and no longer needed to fly out of St Louis. Those were the days.

    1. The Columbia regional airport has flights that go to Chicago directly and from there I can travel on Jordanian airlines to Amman non-stop. But the ticket is $400 more expensive than this one.

  3. elhamdellah 3ala salamtek 🙂 lucky you ..! (No, I am not jealous at all!)
    I took a similar trip in May to Beirut from Tampa, I had to wait for about 6hours in Chicago and 4 in London! The hours were exhausting but it was all forgotten once we approached home , it was well worth it..!
    Enjoy your stay and pls eat mana2eesh b za’atar, and 2atayef on my behalf 😀

  4. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Yes, considerable envy re: the trip; the travel time…not so much. 🙂

    I particularly appreciate the photos and your commentary on the multi-failth prayer room. It seems they created this space knowledgeably.

    1. Thank you, Chiara!
      When I was a kid, traveling on an airplane was the most fun but may be because our travels were no more than three hours. Now, I don’t like airplanes especially when I am confined in a tiny space for long hours.
      I always find it difficult to pray at chapels because of the chairs. As you mentioned they created this space knowledgeably. I think this is due to the great number of Muslims working at Heathrow. While I was praying there more than three Muslim men and one Muslim woman came to pray as well. All were wearing the airport uniform.

    1. Thank you, Tina!
      Whenever I have a layover I always buy a book at the airport and read the book. This time I didn’t buy any book because Heathrow is not like any airport I have visited. I ate at one place took a tour, sat, walked, and ate again 🙂 Time passed faster than you would expect.

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