Picture Jordan: Expats in the Gulf

Because Irbid is not an industrial or a rich city many of its residents seek a better life in the oil rich Gulf countries like Kuwait and Saudi ِArabia. I am not sure of the number of Jordanians working in the Gulf countries but I would say no less than couple of millions. Taking into account that the population of Jordan is six millions only. In the first Gulf War 500,000 Jordanians were forced to return back from Kuwait.

Jordanian expatriates in the Gulf send money to help their parents and siblings in Jordan. They also send money to build new beautiful houses (pictures to come soon). The pictures below are taken at a poor neighborhood yet you can see the expensive convertible Z4 BMW parking near a very bumble house.





12 thoughts on “Picture Jordan: Expats in the Gulf

  1. Before there were expats in the gulf, I remember stone masons who come to construction sites in a Mercedes 280 wearing nice suits only to change into grubby work clothes to sit all day cutting and carving the stone with a hammer and chisel then at the end of the day wash up and change back into their suits and drive away in the Mercedes 280

        1. I just wanted to double check. It is the same in Irbid. One of my aunt’s husband used to own a Mercedes when he used to work as a stonemason. He also used to wear a cowboy hat. Don’t ask me why 🙂
          You know a lot about Jordan.

    1. I think people who lived in Jordan or know the Jordanian culture would understand my point. After I published this post I noticed I wasn’t so clear, my bad 🙂
      The luxury car for sure doesn’t belong to the humble house owner but it belongs to the expatriate son in the Gulf. The license plate is from Oman, different than Amman. I noticed it is written in Arabic only.
      Jordanians working in the Gulf usually visit Jordan with luxury cars to show their relatives in Jordan that they are doing, financially, well. You can say that some try to show off with their expensive cars 🙂 Also, such practice among single Jordanian male expats may help in the process of finding a bride while visiting Jordan during the summer. Some men believe luxury cars attract women.

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