Picture Jordan: Lara’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret Jordanian style.

At Arabella Mall - Irbid
At Arabella Mall – Irbid


2 thoughts on “Picture Jordan: Lara’s Secret

  1. So this is a Jordanian company and Lara is an Arabic name? Why do the women have blonde hair? (I’m guessing most Jordanians do not, but maybe I’m wrong since most Jordanian women I see have their hair covered.)

    1. Lara is not an Arabic name but in Jordan many parents like to name their daughters with foreign names like Lara, Nancy, Suzan (your name 🙂 but pronounced Soozaan:) ) , Sandy, Dina, etc. Jordanian women have black hair but many women like to dye their hair blonde. I remembered back in the 90s almost every female working at JTV (Jordan TV) had a blonde hair. It seems it is still the case now since I still see many blonde women on JTV. There are Jordanian women who have natural blonde hair but they are very few.

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