Picture Jordan: Clear Plastic Wrapped Lambs’ Heads

Photo Dec 24, 7 06 41 PM
At C-Town Supermarkets

12 thoughts on “Picture Jordan: Clear Plastic Wrapped Lambs’ Heads

          1. أنا فكرت انك بعد ما حكيتي انك بتحبي تاكلي روس خرفان ما بدك تكتبي اسمك :)- أنا بعرف ناس كثير بتحب الروس وبتقول كثير طيبه

  1. I am one of those people who love this.. They are part of my list when I visit home 🙂 but I’ve never seen them raw. We have a place or two in Beirut who still cook them early in the day, sell them and then close shop.. My father bless his soul use to take me and my brother to one of them but we never stepped out of the car out of fear of the stacked heads in a large glass container looool Last visit to Beirut, I passed by the same place, did not buy , I was simply tracing old memories.. and by the way they taste just great 🙂

    1. Noura – I think Andrew Zimmern from the Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods will love to see this 🙂
      The strange thing people who like lambs’ heads LOVE it so much 🙂
      I can understand how you feel when you visit Beirut. I am visiting Jordan and love the food so much. I am eating like there is no tomorrow. I need a very hard diet when I go back to the US.

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