Balls vs Eggs

In America, they say “she/he got balls”  when referring to a person as being bold or brave. In some Arab countries they refer to these same balls as eggs. Although, it used to mean the same thing by the time it lost its meaning. Now, “he got big eggs” for example doesn’t mean the person is brave instead it means he is in power. Because some Arab countries are plagued by corruption and nepotism politicians, CEOs, and people alike in power are referred to, including their acquaintances of course, as having “big eggs.” So, it is no longer about being brave rather it is about having “Wasta” (nepotism).

Unfortunately, this new meaning of balls, or eggs, brought shame and disgrace to the Arabs. Decades ago the Arabs were castrated and lost their balls. Maybe, this is why we call them eggs. Americans on the other hand have the biggest balls.

The U.S. changed the course of the world after September 11, 2001. It created new laws, regulations and policies after that day. And that was not enough for them because they forced the entire world to take new measures even against some of these countries’ well. They went to war hunting their enemies everywhere on the planet. Why? Because 3,000 of its citizens lost their lives in that attack.

Did Americans lose their mind after September 11? Yes. Did they overreact? Yes. Did they oppress some innocent people in their “war on terror”? Yes. But at least they go to bed not feeling guilty for doing nothing. They are satisfied that they did their best for their fellow lost citizens.

Almost every Arab country lost tens or hundreds of thousands of its citizens; Lebanon, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Iraq, and Kuwait. But no one did anything. Now, while the daily killing of civilians takes place by the Asad’s regime in Syria, Arabs are looking to the U.S. to do something. Besides the Arabs, I doubt any nation or race would keep silent while their people are being massacred. How about Gaza? Two millions have been imprisoned by Israel for years.

So, what keeps Arabs from having dignity? Maybe because of these three things:

  1. To compensate for our castration or lack of balls that is, we are erecting very long towers. And of course we are depending on others to erect these very long things.
  2. A large number of Muslim scholars are busy collecting money from Arab TV stations to act stupid. These gold diggers will say the stupidest most appalling thing to guarantee themselves more hours on TV. From breastfeed your male co-worker day to fully cover female infants from their fathers to it is okay to rape non-Muslim women, to what Arab actresses should wear and whatever nonsense there is.
  3. Although the Arabic governments through the years did their best to deprive the citizens of their freedom of speech and dignity, they are not the only ones to be blamed. Arab countries are among the top nations with the least number of readerships. In addition, we are the worst when it comes to doing our work with honesty.

So, what is the purpose of life for a man who doesn’t read and doesn’t work hard?

A castrated man lives an apathetic life!


4 thoughts on “Balls vs Eggs

      1. You said the Americans have the biggest balls and do a lot of bad stuff to get their satisfaction. Arabs, you claim, have no balls and allow people to do things to them.

        So, I say maybe ideally somewhere in the middle is best – that way you aren’t walked on, nor are you overreacting.

        1. Yes, of course. Moderation is the key to a continous, balanced and harmonious life.
          “You said the Americans have the biggest balls and do a lot of bad stuff to get their satisfaction.”
          “Americans have the biggest balls.” Yes, I said that and it is a compliment 🙂
          The second part though “and do a lot of bad stuff to get their satisfaction” I didn’t say it exactly this way. The satisfaction comes not from doing bad things but for believing they didn’t keep silent for what they believe was against their principles or freedom.

          It was America’s right to go after its enemy, i.e., Al-Qade, where ever they were. They should feel proud that they did that. They didn’t turn the other cheek. For this they should feel satisfied. Saying that, I believe the overreaction by America was wrong and led to bad consequences on America and on other countries involved. .

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