“It’s so very strange to think that we can hop in the car and go back any time we want. A true wonder just 2.5 hours from home [Amman].”
I have heard this observation from many foreigners in Jordan. Indeed, Jordan is a historic treasure. Beautiful pictures from the eye of an American in Jordan.

Totally JOrganic

To answer your first question, YES, it was amazing. Extra amazing because we are probably the first people in the history of ever to go to Petra with low expectations. Why low expectations you ask? Because we work with teenagers, and teenagers the world over are blase and think everything is boring. We’ve heard, countless times, “Meh. It’s ok. 1/2 a day max. You’re just walking around looking at rocks.”

“Looking at rocks.” Yep, we looked at rocks. AMAZING rocks. Unbelievable rocks. Rocks that were homes. Ancient tombs carved into rocks. Siqs that defy imagination. Colors and contrasts galore. Eye candy everywhere. Arguably the most famous rocks in the world, particularly this one:

But first, I have to back up and tell the tale of driving to Petra…

Charlie had a lock-in at school Thursday night (sleepover at school) and came home Friday morning having gotten NO sleep. He was…

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        1. I knew about it when I was in Jordan. But instead of people there was a stream of water running. Mash’Allah there was lots of rain in December and January.

    1. Interesting! I have never heard that before.
      I know that the Nabateans were Arabs. But their legacy baffles me. I watched a documentary at National Geographic and they also agree that they were Arabs. The transition from a Bedouin life to such regal life is a mystery to me.

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