Picture America: Rest Area

Picture America: Rest Area

A rest area is a public facility, located next to a highway, expressway, or freeway at which drivers and passengers can rest, eat, or use relatively a clean public toilet. In this rest area in Arkansas there was even a security guard.


4 thoughts on “Picture America: Rest Area

    1. He’s there to guard the porta poties! 🙂

      You know, rest areas kind of have this terrible reputation, and I’m sure there are ones out there that deserve it, but I’ve never been to one that wasn’t clean. Not *my* house clean, of course, but clean enough.

      1. Lol
        If you go overseas you will really value these taken care of toilets in the States. But to be fair public toilets in Jordan are in much better shape than ten years ago. Ten years ago I would advise anyone to never even think of using public toilet.
        On the same subject toilets in expensive restaurants at the French Quarter in NOLA are very, very bad.

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