Picture America: Freedom of Speech

In America, the president of the country is a government employee. Citizens can freely criticize him. Neither the government nor citizens who support the president can harm anyone who speaks against the president’s services or policies.

Car sticker “DEFEAT OBAMA”

8 thoughts on “Picture America: Freedom of Speech

  1. Have you seen the stickers that say:


    I see that one around here all the time, usually accompanied by a ‘Terrorist Hunting Permit’ vanity plate.

    I appreciate that we can criticise our government in the US without fear, I just wish that we were able to be more polite about expressing our opinions.

    1. Lol, I haven’t seen this before. Although, I am in the Midwest I live in a college town. The majority of population here is young. In 2008 during the presidency election it was cool to be Obama supporter. So, Obama-Biden car sticker was almost everywhere.
      Not anymore though. But I am glad I don’t see terrorist hunting permit here. Why, Florida? I already excluded Arizona from any future trips. I am glad I visited the Grand Canyon before their recent show me your ID because you are not white thing.

      1. It’s not *all* of Florida. Just parts of it. And certain people. We’re more of a mix than anything else, and I suspect that has a great deal to do with Florida being a retirement destination. They skew our numbers.

        There is one part of Florida where a co-worker of mine went to visit her parents and she was wearing an Obama t-shirt. She got yelled at, asked why a nice white girl like her would support a black Muslim for president. *sigh* Basically there are idiotic jerks everywhere.

        1. If one says he is a Christian not a Muslim, goes to church and believe Jesus is his savior, isn’t this enough for one to be considered a Christian?
          Some people waste so much time thinking of their conspiracy theories.

          1. Ah, you’re too trusting! He’s a *secret* Muslim, because everyone knows that Muslims are allowed to lie in order to fool the unbelievers. (Fox News tells us so.) And now that we’ve fallen into his trap (he’s also a Socialist and the anti-Christ) he will use the magical powers of the President of the United States to implement sharia law and force us all to either convert and be second class citizens to our Muslim overlords.

            I can’t believe you weren’t aware of this important and totally true series of facts. 😉

            PS: The problem is not that he hasn’t said that he’s a Christian often enough or gone to church it’s that he’s not the *right* kind of Christian for these people. There is actually nothing that he could do to convince people of this mindset that he’s not out to destroy their way of life.

            1. I think you said it all ‘he is not the right kind of Christian’
              Unfortunately, some brown -Arab and Indian- Muslims have similar mentality when they don’t believe that a Caucasian Muslim can be a good Muslim Scholar. They accept him as a Muslim but it would be very hard for them to hear or follow his opinion on an Islamic fatwa or law.

  2. I also see a 9-11 sticker on this vehicle.

    I see a number of pro-and-anti-Obama stickers here. Same with Bush. One of the more popular with him was just a “W” and then later as he became less popular, I’d see the “W” the “TF” beside it.

    1. I should write a post about the huge difference between the car stickers in the US and in the Middle East. Because in the Arab world we adore our governments we have nothing to say against them*. So, mainly it is something like “Don’t follow me I am engaged” or “A full [gas] tank is better than a million in the bank.” etc. Usually, these are proverbs, one verse poem, sracasim, jokes, etc. but never politics.

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