See what others think of you from Google’s search

When you search for something on Google you notice some suggestions. Google builds these suggestions from previous people’s search. Popularity is a factor in what Google shows. Depending on where you live you may not see the same suggestions. Here are some searches I did in the USA:


I found this one interesting. I don’t know what to learn from this. How come Christian women are not popular?

women4women5 men2 men3men1 men6
Try these searches and let me know if you get different suggestions especially if you are not in the US. Also, please share an interesting search suggestions if you find one.

I tried two more things related to me; being short and bald. I think I like what Google suggested 🙂



12 thoughts on “See what others think of you from Google’s search

  1. I found it funny that Google failed to suggest something about Christian women 🙂
    But this also proof an article you once posted on Facebook about how American women are more religious than men or they are the influncers when it comes to religion duties in the house. Since the search suggestion is based on popular search, Christian women would not search for ‘Christian women’ but they would be more interested to search for ‘Christian men.’ I think this makes sense now.

    1. Thanks for the link. Yes, I remember watching this before. It is very interesting. That was why I was hoping for others to contribute with their results.
      By the way, before I do this experiement I logged out from Google. So, the search were not customed to my history. Smart ha 🙂

  2. Interesting 🙂

    I got nearly exactly the same results as u but in different order 🙂
    I got suggestions for Christian woman as showen in the picture

    Imagin that I got ZERO suggestion for “blonde women are” but when I tried الشقراوات faaaa yaaaa humma lalaeee 🙂

      1. وبعدين معاك يا شيشاني. بدك تفللنا الزباين. الواحد ما صدق وشاف ويسبر رجعت تكتب كومنت

    1. الشقروات مهددات بالانقراض. عجبتني هاي
      Thanks for the link. Interesting how the search suggestion for ‘christian women’ is different in Jordan.’

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