It is really not that hard to praise your employees

Yesterday, I had a potluck dinner at my boss’ house. Our team is about 10 people. Since we work on campus we do a small party to celebrate end of the semester. I work as a Web Developer for the Career Center of the University. Our website is very extensive. You can find all types of resume samples, how to dress for an interview, mocking interviews, and hundreds of other related links.

The other students and staffs I work with are very nice. I am enjoying working there a lot. But having nice coworkers is not enough to enjoy your work. The boss can really either make your job a bless or a curse.

Yesterday, my boss gave each one of the employees a frame with very touching kind words about the person. It was really a nice gesture from her. Mine is below.

Working hard pays off when there is someone who appreciates good work ethics.





11 thoughts on “It is really not that hard to praise your employees

  1. Very nice!

    I’ve had the same job for 16 years and I’ve gone through four bosses. Some have been good, some not so much. A bosses skills and attitude really do make a difference in the atmosphere of the workplace.

  2. Indeed it does.
    Being a boss needs certain skills that not necessary anybody have. I worked with a boss who BELIEVE giving just a verbal compliment would ruin employees’ ability to work harder.

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