The business of name calling in the Arab world

The trend of “name calling” in the Arab countries became very dangerous. And with every Muslim Scholar having his own YouTube channel and a show on TV it became a profitable business. Not to forget journalists who have their TV shows and who are benefiting from spreading hate. It works as follows:

1. You choose a side,
2. Find a TV show that agrees with your views,
3. You take everything said in the show as facts,
4. Start hating others and calling them names.

“The First Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees freedom of speech, which allows political organizations great latitude in expressing Nazi, racist, anti-Semitic, and Neo-Confederate views.” Therefore, the Neo-Nazi group exist in the US and it is not considered a terrorist group. On the other hand, Arab governments are calling the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group just because they can define whoever what they want. These same Arab governments can execute a 22-years-old kid because they decided he is a Kafir (non-believer) over something he tweeted (kid you not).

My point is, calling someone a Kafir or a terrorist just because it suits us is seriously dangerous.


6 thoughts on “The business of name calling in the Arab world

  1. You know what mate. I have be following your blog intermittently since 2009, and every blog you post makes me understand why it is taking you so long to finish your PhD! Damn mate! It is dark times we live in. I tell you!

  2. Glad you have been reading my blog 🙂
    I didn’t get it when you said every post I write makes you understand why it is taking me so long to finish my PhD?
    I am trying to break a record here 🙂

  3. You’re back after 3 months in the wilderness. The topic is not new. You forget that Jamal Abdel Nasser used to call King Hussein all kinds of names from Sawt Al Arab min Al Qahera to get the people angry and rise against him.

    1. I wasn’t born then 🙂 but from what I read king Husain was hated by almost all other Arab leaders if not all.
      I am contemplating on coming back to my blog for quite some time but I found a new wonderland called Facebook and it is a very exciting place.
      Thanks for stopping by.

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