Al Jazeera America is not Al Jazeera English?

It seems Al Jazeera America is not the same as Al Jazeera English [source].

Fox news has its agenda and loyal audience. MSNBC has its agenda and loyal audience. I wonder what Al Jazeera America (different from Al Jazeera English) agenda and who will be its audience?

Thick dough with lots of tomato sauce topped with lots of meat and veggies doesn’t taste like the Italian Pizza. Also, there is a reason we don’t see Asians in Chinese buffets in the USA. Because the food there is not really very Chinese.

To attract audience and most importantly advertisers what new taste Al Jazeera America is going to serve?

I am happy for them and their success but I doubt it will last here in the U.S.


9 thoughts on “Al Jazeera America is not Al Jazeera English?

    1. I have been reading but not commenting to be honest (not as I like to at least), I commented in my head (I guess) 🙂
      My Al-Jazeera experience stopped in 2005 so I`m not much of a credible source but the whole mass of negative feedback that u can`t but notice is a BIG sign!

      I believe when it started we were (mostly at least) taken by the revolutionary path, context + content, I remember my first bewildering about all the heated talk shows and what not was: (fine, u r exposing things, but what about DOING something about, where is the executing agenda? + if u/we were really keen to revealing the truth about a certain issue (or anything near truth) then why not do a sequential follow up episodes and carry on)

      It was clearer to me -from that perspective and lens- that the glare was thE theme, soon after a lot of others joined the business/circus, I know I`m stating the obvious here but we -too- need to do something about it, even individually-based steps.

      *see why I`m a passive visitor!* 😀

  1. I am very pissed. I think Al Jazeera English is one of the best english-language news sources available. But now, even if I want AJE, I am redirected to AJ America, which will undoubtedly tone down/dumb up is content to appeal to the least-knowledgeable industrial national public on earth, the American public. What a crock

    1. AJ Arabic lost its charm terribly among the Arabs. Some even find it a disaster to the region and they call it Al Khanzeera instead of Al Jazeera. khanzeer is Arabic for pig. AJ Arabic is not neutral or even close to being neutral as when it started. Their biggest drawback among Arabs is that they NEVER discussed Qatar’s affairs.
      Nevertheless, I have to give credit to AJ for being the first Arab news TV to criticize Arab leaders. It was unheard of unless one Arab country is in a war with another Arab country. Before 1996, Arabic news in all the 23 Arab countries were following a protocol:
      1. The first news MUST be about the ruler, no exception. The king visited, hosted, sent, called, etc.
      2. Israel’s atrocities agains Palestinians.
      3. Some local news. Always positive since all news channels were governments owned.
      4. Foreign affairs.

      AJ for the first time in the life of Arab audience watched something totally different the aforementioned news protocol. The AJ the became number ONE.

      I do agree that AJ is not at all like when it started but I believe it a strong media that need to continue use existing.

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