Like farting on a tile floor

The status of Arabs these days observing from a far the Syrian children been annihilated by the Syrian regime (by using Chemical weapons) under the support of the Russian government reminded me of an Arab proverb. The proverb is “like farting on a tile floor.” Example, Arabs these days are like farting on a tile floor. Meaning they all about talk but no action. p.s, farting on a tile floor produces loud noise.

All Arabs need to have one goal now. SAVE THE SYRIAN CHILDREN!


11 thoughts on “Like farting on a tile floor

  1. I believe I mentioned sometime ago that the Arabs are living in 21st century Jahilia with satellite tv, smartphones, and the internet for all to see. It will get much worse before it gets better. Pity the children wherever they may be.

    1. Yes, I remember you mentioned this before. More than once actually. I agree with you it is going to get worse before it gets better. But what do you think got Arabs to the 21st jahilia (ignorance) status? You mentioned things are going to get better, how?

    1. I once read a book called First Thing First. The author talked about how we can mange our tasks by putting each task in one of four categories. Not important-Not urgent, Not important-urgent, important-not urgent and important-urgent.
      The crisis in Syria is definitely an Important-Urgent one to solve.
      Therefore, Arab governments need to put all its differences (like the MB vs military in Egypt) and other not urgent projects on hold and force the Assad regime to stop it is daily murders. Arabs (like Saudi Arabia) have been spending billion of dollars on military planes and what not. If all Arab countries unite their force they can take the Assad regime down easily. I am thinking of writing about the new role of Saudi Arabia in the region and how it is time for this country to step up and do something.

      On a personal level, I wish I know what I can do or what to advise others to do. Being far from the region I can only write. For individuals in the region, especially in Jordan, I know they are helping as much as they can.

      1. I came over here to like your comment, forgetting this wasn’t Facebook. *ahem*

        I’d love to read your thoughts on the new role of KSA in the region. I’m curious if you like what they are doing in Egypt and what you think of their hypocrisy for supporting some uprisings, but not others.

        1. I definitely not liking it. Since I have many Saudi friends who I love and respect I could not write my thoughts about KSA on Facebook. Unlike other Arabs most Saudis see the king as a father figure, talking negatively about him means I will lose my Saudi friends friendship.
          But I decided things have to be said anyway and my blog will be the place for it.

          1. That’s funny because I don’t have very many Saudi friends (I only know them via blogs), but one in particular seems to really dislike her country and I don’t recall her saying wonderful things about the ruling family there. Maybe she is an exception.

            Is this one of the things you didn’t want to be PC about? I rather like your candid thoughts, and I think you are a nice guy even when you share openly. You seem to have something constructive or challenging to say and it’s not like you are *always* mean or negative so even when you speak your mind, it is like something we should take seriously.

            1. I don’t know any saudi women but I am guessing for obvious reasons their love to their country I would assume is not like the men.
              But most Saudi men I know feel offended when their king is spoken of negatively, seriously. But then the Saudis I know are those who received a full scholarship from their government.
              My PC comment was a general one and not for any specific reason.
              Thanks for your kind words. That was really nice.

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