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Picture America: Freedom of Speech

In America, the president of the country is a government employee. Citizens can freely criticize him. Neither the government nor citizens who support the president can harm anyone who speaks against the president’s services or policies.

Car sticker “DEFEAT OBAMA”

Picture America: Promoting Christianity on Campus

A woman on campus spreading the word about Jesus. This is something common here on my campus. A  Christian man sometimes hand students pocket size bibles for free. Some other Christians come to campus and talk passionately about controversial issues like homosexuality and abortion. Also they talk in general about sins, punishments and repentance.


Picture America: Bibles in hotel rooms

So far, I haven’t been in any hotel or motel room in the U.S. that doesn’t have a copy of the Bible placed near the bed.

A Bible near my bed in a motel room (2011)

Gideons International is an evangelical Christian organization dedicated to distributing copies of the Bible in over 94 languages and 194 countries of the world, most famously in hotel and motel rooms. The organization was founded in 1899 in Janesville, Wisconsin, as an early American organization dedicated to Christian evangelism. It began distributing free Bibles, the work for which it is chiefly known, in 1908, when the first Bibles were placed in the rooms of the Superior Hotel in Superior, Montana. [Wiki]

Do people ever read the Bibles in their hotel rooms?
Yes! Each Bible placed in a hotel room has the potential to reach up to 2,300 people in its estimated six-year life span. Research from the hotel industry tells us that approximately 25% of travelers read the Bibles in their hotel rooms. [The Gideon Inernationals]

I am not sure if it is a good idea to place Bibles in hotel or motel rooms. When I worked as a hotel housekeeper many times I find the bible thrown on the floor or given to a child to doodle on it. On YouTube there are videos of people playing with the Bible, throwing it at each other. But really if you like a book you don’t want it to be in a hotel room especially if you believe this book is holy. Why place a holy book in a room that you KNOW is going to be used, sometimes, to commit adultery and other sinful acts?

A Muslim group in Chicago came to our mosque last year to collect donations to place copies of the translated Quran in hotels. I was shocked as many other Muslims. I don’t think it is a good idea.

Picture America: Open Campuses

Unlike universities in the Middle East and Malaysia, U.S. colleges and universities are not guarded by walls, gates or security. In Jordan for example, only students, staffs and faculties are allowed entrance to the university. Guests are allowed but they need permission.

I am not sure about campuses in South America or Europe. Does any reader know if campuses there have gates or not?