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From Russia with Love?

Part I – Why Russia was never the enemy but the USA is?

Part II – From Russia with Love

During the 50s, most or maybe all Arab countries became independent. Arab governments wanted to build their countries so they started sponsoring their best students to study abroad. North African countries sent their talented students, even Muslim scholars, to France and the Levant countries sent theirs to Russia. For this reason, there are plethora of French and Russian literature translated into Arabic.

In Jordan for example, we read a few of Maxim Gorky’s novels while in high school. At that time, I could even name few prominent Russian novelists. If that was not enough, I actually read few of their short stories that were outside of the school curriculum. Unlike English literature, were sisters living in big nice houses in the countryside tricking charming men for marriage, Russian literature felt more realistic to Arabs. Russians lived a harsh life. Russian writers describe a life full of misery and disappointment. Their stories do not end with the protagonists getting married or achieving their goal. You can hardly find an educated Arab who has not read Russian short stories or novels. We got used to the tragedy in their novels.

This type of literature found a new reader based in the Arab land and supported by The Arab Nationalist Movement. Arab nationalists became heroes. Until this time, there are group of Arabs who call themselves Nasseri (i.e., a follower of the ideology of the former Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser.) Nasser was in office between 1950 to 1970. He was for many Arabs a hero who was a socialist and anti-imperialist.

Egypt was not alone in its Nasserisim against imperialism and pro-socialism. Iraq and Syria adapted an Arab nationalist socialist movement called Al-Ba’ath party. This party was in full throttle supporting The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO.)

These movements were very popular among Arabs. It was time for Arabs to stand up for themselves after being silenced by the European colonization and the Turks before that. The mood then was the unity of Arabs against the imperialism. However, why it was the USA only that was and still been hated more than any Western Country?

Enter Israel.

To be continued …


Americans are aware of the crises in the Middle East

Yesterday at 11 pm, I received an email from one of my employers. She is an American professor.

Hi Malik

I hope that your friends and family in Jordan are staying safe with all that is happening in nearby Syria.  The news just seems to get worse and worse from that corner of the world.    Just wanted you to know that I am thinking about you.


From her email, one might think she knows a lot about me. Actually, she does not. We meet once a semester and then continue our communication via emails. She is not on Facebook to read my status and I had never told her anything about my family. All what she knows about me which I mentioned only once is that I am from Jordan.

Back in 2005, another American professor, who I was her TA, stopped me in the department’s hall and asked me about my family in Jordan when she heard about the 2005 bombings in Amman. Many other Arab graduate students shared with me their American advisers’ concern about their family in Egypt or Syria or where ever that student is from.

These type of emails or the small kind gestures or words from the American professors might seem insignificant to some people but it has a huge effect on these foreign Arab students in the U.S. who are doing their best while being away from their families and friends. This is something modest that I wanted to share with the Arab readers about something they do not hear about from the media.

Like farting on a tile floor

The status of Arabs these days observing from a far the Syrian children been annihilated by the Syrian regime (by using Chemical weapons) under the support of the Russian government reminded me of an Arab proverb. The proverb is “like farting on a tile floor.” Example, Arabs these days are like farting on a tile floor. Meaning they all about talk but no action. p.s, farting on a tile floor produces loud noise.

All Arabs need to have one goal now. SAVE THE SYRIAN CHILDREN!

What is next for Jordan?

Ten years later I did not recognize my hometown, Irbid, it felt like a different city. The population tripled if not more. There are apartment complexes everywhere although Jordanians used to live in houses because ten years ago there were not that many people.

Jordan became THE HUB for its war torn neighboring countries. Many of them, Iraqis and now Syrians, settle in Jordan, if they cannot leave for U.S. or Europe. Jordanians’ hospitality was and will forever be Insh’Allah a safe haven for refugees. It started before there was even a country called The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan back in the late 19th century when Muslim people of Chechnya fled the Caucasian war. In 1948 and again in 1968, Palestinians were also forced to leave their land to settle in Jordan. During and after the first Gulf War about 500,000 Jordanian and Palestinian expatriates had to return to Jordan for good because both supported Saddam and were against the American presence in the Gulf. In the second Gulf War, about one million Iraqis left for Jordan. Now, tens of thousands of Syrians are also finding refuge in Jordan.

I am very proud of my fellow Jordanians for welcoming people and sharing the little they have. Here is a paragraph from Wikipedia about refugees in Jordan:

In 2007, there were 700,000–1,000,000 Iraqis in Jordan. Since the Iraq War many Christians (Assyrians/Chaldeans) from Iraq have settled permanently or temporarily in Jordan. They could number as many as 500,000. There were also 15,000 Lebanese who immigrated to Jordan following the 2006 War with Israel.

There are 1,200,000 illegal and some 500,000 legal migrant workers in the Kingdom. Furthermore, there are thousands of foreign women working in nightclubs, hotels and bars across the kingdom, mostly from Eastern Europe and North Africa.

Jordan is home to a relatively large American and European expatriate population concentrated mainly in the capital as the city is home to many international organizations and diplomatic missions that base their regional operations in Amman.

According to UNRWA, Jordan was home to 1,951,603 Palestinian refugees in 2008, most of them Jordanian citizens. 338,000 of them were living in UNRWA refugee camps. Jordan revoked the citizenship of thousands of Palestinians to thwart any attempt to resettle West Bank residents in Jordan. West Bank Palestinians with family in Jordan or Jordanian citizenship were issued yellow cards guaranteeing them all the rights of Jordanian citizenship. Palestinians living in Jordan with family in the West Bank were also issued yellow cards. All other Palestinians wishing such Jordanian papers were issued green cards to facilitate travel into Jordan. [Source]

Maybe it was a blessing from God that Jordan is poor and not like its oil-rich gulf neighbors. Although, they are very rich they do not welcome Arab refugees. Sharing the wealth is not in the humans’ DNA. To be fair they always financially support poor Arab countries and they send money to Jordan to help its refugees.

So, why one of the smallest and the poorest Arab countries became a hub and a home for Arab refugees?

Here are some theories I have been hearing from other Arabs:

  1. The British created Jordan as a buffer zone between Israel from one side and Iraq and Syria from the other side.
  2. Sharif Hussein bin Ali who was the Emir of Mecca was promised (by the British) a land of his own (i.e., Jordan) if he revolts against the Ottoman Turks.
  3. King Hussein was a traitor who made it possible for Israel to defeat the Arabs. This theory is widely adopted by people who see Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt as an Arab hero.
  4. The British colony created Jordan to eventually be the land of Palestinians. Since Jordan gave citizenship to Palestinians-when other Arab countries forced them to live in refugee camps- other Arab rulers considered King Hussein to be working with the Israeli government to facilitate moving as many Palestinians to Jordan so they forget about their land.
  5. Because of its scarcity in resources, Jordan government welcomes Arab refugees to collect money from the Gulf countries, USA, and Europe.

There are many conspiracy theories about Jordan, one of the oldest inhabitants in the world. I do not know if any of these is true or not. Actually, I do not care because I do not believe in ‘conspiracy theory’ in general. What I see is what I believe. I see Jordan and its citizens have been welcoming others for a long time and I hope Jordan continues to be a safe haven for its citizens and for others who want to settle in Jordan.

So, the question everyone is asking is there going to be a revolution in Jordan?

But my concern and question is what do people of Jordan need?

To Be Cont’d…