Monthly Archives: January 2008

Everything is gonna be alright

“No One” song by Alicia Keys made be ponder about this amazing statement “everything is gonna be alright.” Who was the first person that said it? Was it from Adam to Eve telling her that their new life on earth is going to be alright, or vice versa? Who got this kind of intelligent to link these few words to make a so powerful statement that relieves the stress from the other person.
As if this statement becomes the cure for humankind problems “Every thing is going to be alright.”

This statement has its magical affect on people. We like to hear it and we like to believe it. It is our last resort for hope.

Every thing is going to be alright …

People … automatically believe in books

“People … automatically believe in books. This is strange but it is so. Messages come from behind the controlled and censored areas of the world and they do not ask for radios, for papers and pamphlets. They invariably ask for books. They believe in books when they believe nothing else.”

John Steinbeck, winner of the 1963 Nobel Prize for literature.